Social Impact: The whole is greater than the sum of its parts

Julie Vaysbord

Julie Vaysbord

EMC Marketing

I started at EMC nearly three years ago in its Marketing Development Program (MDP) – a two year rotational program aimed at providing new hires with a broad understanding of the EMC marketing organization. As a member of MDP, I was afforded the opportunity to take part in several initiatives dedicated to rallying the entire Marketing organization to engage in various fundraising activities for causes of great importance – cancer research, children in need and protecting against malaria.

EMC Fights Cancer (2011)EMCCancerBracelet

The goal of the EMC Fights Cancer initiative was to help EMCers get educated, get active, and get involved in the fight against cancer. We successfully activated 1,500 employees in 18 different countries and raised nearly $100,000 around the globe for organizations focused on cancer research.

EMC Helps Children In Need (2012)EMC at Cradles to Crayons

Working with Cradles to Crayons and the Boys & Girls Clubs of Silicon Valley, employees donated nearly $10,000 and hundreds of items to local underprivileged children. We also volunteered at each organization’s onsite facility to see the impact of our donation efforts firsthand.

EMC Swats Malaria (2013)

AMF RodneyLast year, 600 employees came together to purchase 11,000 life-saving nets for the Against Malaria Foundation. Through our fundraising efforts, we were able to prevent approximately 22,000 people from contracting malaria, a deadly disease that claims the lives of over 1 million people, mainly children, every year.

I was surprised to see the amount of excitement and effort my colleagues put into creating events to raise awareness and money for these charitable causes. Everyone is so busy all of the time, it was nice to see people take the time to get up from their desks and engage in fundraising activities that had purpose, and were really fun as well.

But it’s not just EMC Marketing that’s dedicated to giving back. Groups all across the company are making meaningful impact. And while the work that we’re all doing is worthy, imagine how impactful it would be when nearly 50,000 global employees are inspired to rally behind a single social cause? That’s why for the first time, EMC is extending its “Gives Back” initiatives to the entire company, properly titled, “EMC Gives Back.”

To kick things off, EMC is partnering with charity: water, a non-profit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations, and EMC offices around the world will be hosting awareness and fundraising events during EMC Water Week from May 19 – 23 to build clean water wells in Ethiopia. Why is clean water so important? Because it translates to better health, longer lives, more education, increased productivity, improved local economy and so much more. Most of us likely take water for granted but for people who don’t have easy access to it – water changes everything.

778004=EGB-Doc-Banner_ExternalEMC Gives Back honors our legacy and foundation of corporate citizenship and community service that we’ve engaged in over the last 30 years. Whether through formal fundraising campaigns coming out of divisions or business units or employees volunteering their own time to causes of personal interest, EMC has been making meaningful impact in the communities where we live and work for some time. With EMC Gives Back as a new and unifying force, we will demonstrate that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts when it comes to social impact.

To learn more about EMC Gives Back or to get involved, check out


Julie Vaysbord

Julie Vaysbord

EMC Marketing
Julie Vaysbord

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