Grateful to Our Veterans – at Work and at Home

Vance Checketts

Vance Checketts

EMC Vice President & General Manager, Utah

FWC USAFMy grandfather Franklin Widtsoe Checketts flew U.S Air Force cargo planes over the Burmese jungle during World War II. He had many amazing experiences, as you might imagine. My favorite was his encounter with a tiger one night in their jungle camp. He emerged unscathed, at least physically. One of my brothers is also in the Air Force. Another one is in the Navy. They both support our troops from a medical perspective. They enjoy what they do because it provides for their families AND because it provides for our general welfare and security as a nation. I am grateful for them.


I am surrounded by a lot of other military and related personnel because of my job at EMC here in Utah. As you may know, our government and our military depend heavily on Information Technology. As a result, we have a large contingent of people in our EMC Utah office who support our U.S. Federal operations. They have security clearances and supporting infrastructure to help the people that keep our nation running smoothly and safely. Many of these people are civilians, like me. But many others are veterans or reserve forces. The EMC Veterans employee circle in Utah is the largest in the nation. I think this is in large part because we are a patriotic community, but that also comes from the large military and government footprint in Utah.Group Photo with Senator Hatch

(In the above photo, I am standing in the center of the back row surrounded by EMC Utah employees.)

Today, when the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR) comes to our office to meet with our employees, I will sign the ESGR Statement of Support on behalf of EMC Utah. ESGR has given two of our managers the Patriot Award in the past recognizing all that EMC does to support our veterans. Not only does EMC support veterans by hiring them, we have the veterans-focused employee circle and a host of veteran-specific benefits and programs. Thanks to ESGR and the many other friends and families of our troops and our veterans!


EMC’S Global Services Associate Program: I Make an Impact Because GSAP Has Made an Impact on Me

Ozlem McDevitt

Ozlem McDevitt

GSAP: Customer Service

In April 2015, I joined EMC Australia as an Associate Customer Service Engineer (ACSE), part of the Global Services Associate Program (GSAP).Before traveling to Boston for the eight-week Boot Camp, I heard plenty about the GSAP program but what I didn’t realize at the time was that it was a two-year-program. Boot Camp was only the tip of the iceberg.ozlem 2

As a mother of two, the decision to travel to Boston for eight-weeks for an intense training Ozlemprogram was not easy. In fact, I considered it a sacrifice since I would need to leave my family behind and commit myself to learning. Ultimately, I knew this was the best decision for my career so I packed my bags, filled it with my belongings, and perhaps some nerves too!

I was determined to make my decision worthwhile; I was determined to take control of my career. On a daily basis, I reminded myself this was not a sacrifice, but a privilege. After all, GSAP’s training program at EMC was what attracted me to the company in the first place. Because of GSAP and EMC’s culture, I was confident that I would find a healthy balance of being an Engineer and a Mother.

During Boot Camp, I had a wonderful time getting to know EMC’s culture. I was happy to walk into such a diverse group and connect with fellow Associates from all over the world. Most importantly, I was able to strengthen my technical and professional skills.  To my surprise, the nerves that arrived with me from Australia quickly disappeared.

ozlem 3When I returned home to Australia, I retuned with abundant confidence about my place at EMC and the GSAP program.  Due to the vast knowledge I gained in Boot Camp, I also knew I would be able to make an immediate impact in my role.

During my transition, I shadowed with my mentor in the field which is considered the next phase of GSAP. Thanks to my mentor, Mark Findlay, I learned a great deal in my two months of active shadowing. His experience, expertise, and approachable disposition, were a major factor in ramping up so quickly after Boot Camp. Learning never ends at EMC and there is an army of professionals who are willing to help us feel empowered and achieve where we want to get to next.


GSAP truly cares about my career progression and I am looking forward to a successful career at EMC. Thanks to the impact GSAP and EMC have on me, I am confident in my ability to make a lasting impact in my role and with my customers. As a woman in IT, I feel very lucky to be part of the GSAP program.


Ozlem McDevitt

Project Just Because – Christmas in July

Carl Adams

Carl Adams

Global Advanced Manufacturing Engineering at EMC

On Thursday, July 23, EMC’s South Street neighbor, Project Just Because, hosted its fourth annual Christmas in July silent and live auction fundraiser event at Holliston’s Upper Town Hall.


For a $35 donation, participants enjoyed a fun evening of silent and live bidding on a variety of items including a week in St. John at a luxury villa and a Boston sports package with a pair of Patriots, Celtics, Bruins, and Red Sox tickets. The admission price also included appetizers, snacks, desserts, soft drinks, beer and wine, not to mention a live performance from budding country music artists, Kathleen Regan and Charlotte Sands.

Christmas in July is one of PJB’s big fundraisers during the year. It is always a fun event for a great cause. I am speaking from experience because I have volunteered as the DJ and audio technician each year since the event has been held. It’s great if you actually win something that you bid on, but even just the food, beverages, and entertainment is worth the price of admission!

ChristmasInJuly2014_3I first got involved with Project Just Because four years ago when my son and some of his friends organized a charity concert to collect items for teenagers in need. Since then, I have volunteered in the center, sorting clothing items in bins, have driven to various locations to pick up donated items, and organized an EMC Gives Back half-day after last year’s Christmas in July event with coworkers to load hundreds of bins from a trailer back into the center.

I am proud that EMC continues to donate items, set up collections such as back-to-school drives, and allows employees to take advantage of EMC Gives Back time for Project Just Because. I am on PJB’s e-mail list, so whenever I receive an e-mail for a specific need, I post it on EMC Gives Back on Inside EMC.


Project Just Because is a nonprofit charity that supplies adults and children in need with a variety of support and items including food, clothing, toiletries, gift baskets, career items, school supplies, blankets, toys, furniture, baby items, and housewares. PJB is dedicated to helping as many men, women, and children as they can, providing dignity and love from the heart in a caring environment.

Project Just Because is a wonderful and convenient EMC Gives Back opportunity for Massachusetts colleagues since they are located at 86 South Street in Hopkinton. They are always looking for volunteers. If you are interested in organizing a group or even just volunteering there during your lunch hour, contact Karen at 508-435-6511 or

If you didn’t attend Christmas in July this year, mark your calendar for next July. You won’t be disappointed!

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.

Nusrath Khan

Nusrath Khan

Business Operations at EMC

Cradles 3


The definition of a Great Place to Work differs from person to person. However, one thing is clear when a company highly encourages you to develop character by giving back at a local level – you know you’re in the right place!


Cradles 1


On July 30th, our volunteer group, WW Business and product Operations Team, had the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities at Cradles to Crayons in Brighton, MA.  During the morning, many of us categorized quality books into various age groups and during the afternoon, we combined quality pieces of clothing into different outfits. Cradles to Crayons emphasized quality in all their activities. They ensured that volunteers knew that no child would receive a torn outfit or a worn out book. A red skirt, polka dot top, blue socks coupled with a matching blue headband, all combined into one outfit for a toddler girl.  This may be just one outfit to us but, sorting through the clothes and books at Cradles to Crayons reminds you of how the smallest things can really be big in the eyes of a child.




Cradles 2

It is incredible to think that in just a few hours, we collectively affected so many children and families’ lives and most of all, had fun doing so! I am extremely grateful that EMC, along with my work group, often encourages us to take time out of our busy lives to give back. We don’t realize it immediately, but our conversations, work ethics and sense of empathy are enriched because of it.

Mid-Range Solutions Taking Opportunities to Give Back

Annette Cormier

Annette Cormier

Mid-Range Solutions at EMC

The Mid-Range Solutions Staff, lead by Jeff Boudreau, SVP within the Core Technologies Division (CTD), appreciates the opportunity EMC has provided to give back to our community.  Jeff started to put his staff into action after being inspired by the update at a recent EMC Quarterly Update meeting and hearing about the need for help at the Greater Boston Food Bank (GBFB). The GBFB feeds as many as 545,000 people each year and has a goal to distribute enough food to provide at least one meal a day to every hungry person.   Our team scheduled a visit last December and sent 17 volunteers to GBFB for a 3-hour shift. We put together 500 boxes and 1500 bags supplying 6,197 meals and sorting 7,436 pounds of food.



For the team, this was just the beginning of our opportunities to give back.  On June 29, 2015, 14 team members went to The Hopkinton Center for the Arts (HCA).   The HCA is a non-profit center that offers classes and events in visual arts, theater, music, film, and dance. It is currently housed in a 1850s farmhouse at 298 Hayden Rowe Street in Hopkinton.  Their current location has outgrown their needs and they are moving into their newly renovated barn in July.   They were ready to put volunteers to work organizing rooms, cleaning out closets, moving trash and painting.   By the end of the day, the HCA was ready to move into their new location.

If you want to support a local center, see theater shows and local artists; please visit their website to find out more



Employees in 4our organization want to give back anyway that they can, both personally and professionally.  It is a wonderful opportunity to work with your team members for the benefit and support of the community.  The Mid-Range volunteers will be at it again at the Greater Boston Food Bank on August 17, 2015.

As a team, we donated 107 hours of community service in just 7 hours of physical time.  The power of working collectively can move mountains.

Knowing that we can give back in our professional lives is the power of doing more together.


My Oscar Win!

Aoife Favier

Aoife Favier

Sr EBC Services Specialist at EMC

I got to attend Toastmasters here in EMC’s Cork Ireland Center of Excellence. Participating in Toastmasters helps to get rid of the dreaded nerves of having to stand up in front of a group of people and speak!

At Toastmasters you can attend first as an observer (to see what all the fuss is about), then you get to participate by standing up and giving an example for a certain table topic (which could range from The Kardashians to Formula One racing or to share your favorite childhood memory).

For the next step, you receive booklets and get set up on the Toastmasters website for new assignments.  I signed up for the ‘Grammarian’ Role.  Prior to this I took the role of ‘Ah Counter’ and ‘Time Keeper’.  Toastmasters recommends that each person take on a job at every session.  Everyone starts with an ice-breaker speech and then delivers different speeches in the sessions that follow.

I studied up on my grammar and gave constructive feedback and a very detailed report on three of my fellow speakers’ speeches.  The experience taught me how to listen attentively to finer details, and also gave me confidence to relay my feedback in a structured, informative, helpful and insightful manner.  As Grammarian, I also had to come up with the ‘Word of the Day.’ I choose Frenetic and the speakers needed to incorporate this word into their speeches.

My efforts were rewarded, and I nearly cried out of pure delight and shock at winning the Golden ‘T’ Award, normally given to the best speaker of the day!

I would highly recommend Toastmasters for everyone. Participants are in the same boat, and offer  THE most supportive surroundings I have ever been in. People are genuinely rooting for you and wishing you well.  We can grow and improve from our feedback we receive which will always include improvements and applause.

Standing up in front of people and having to speak can be terrifying. Even though I am in the early days of Toastmasters,  I am already feeling stronger and I am going to continue the course to become a great presenter and speaker even if it is just in my weekly meeting.  Capturing the power of my own voice and not stuttering or feeling embarrassed to speak…..there will be no stopping me!

A Look Inside: One Intern’s Experience

Gabrielle Mantel

Gabrielle Mantel

Global Services Intern at EMC

As a Northeastern student in my senior year, I have had the unique opportunity to complete three six-month internships over my five year college tenure. After completing my first with a large financial firm in Boston and my second with a much smaller company in Dublin, Ireland, I had high expectations going into my final experience with EMC.

As an undergraduate of the D’Amore McKim School of Business, I had always been aware of EMC’s close relationship with the university. For years, I heard only positive feedback from friends and peers who had previously worked for the company. So when my third co-op came around, I quickly focused on EMC as one of my top choices as a future employer. After working here for just over four months, I can honestly say that I have not been disappointed. EMC’s employees not only welcomed me with open arms, but allowed me opportunities for personal growth and professional development. My manager, as well as my fellow team members, have acted as mentors and advisors throughout my entire time at EMC. They make themselves available and approachable for any questions that I may have and treat me as an integral part of the team.

One of the best aspects of working for the Global Services team has been the opportunity to take on key projects and enjoy the autonomy that comes from working for such a large organization. My supervisor gave me increased responsibility as my time at EMC progressed, and I recently had the honor of working on a large Facebook ad campaign for the Global Services account. As a marketing major at Northeastern, I was incredibly interested in learning more about social media marketing. Through this project, I was able to learn from a trusted colleague and put my classroom knowledge into effect. In a few short months, our mutual efforts resulted in a 99% increase in Facebook page followers, a 27% increase in engagement, and a 239% increase in link clinks to additional information on topics we posted. To have made such a positive impact in my four months at EMC has been the highlight of my time with the company.

Even with all the superior benefits and opportunities that the company offers their interns, EMC’s greatest asset by far is their people. In my time here, I have met and worked alongside countless intelligent, driven, successful individuals who are not only friendly in the office environment but truly care about EMC’s success in the market. I work with colleagues that I respect and admire, and I have used this internship to learn as much as possible from experts in the field.

I have witnessed on numerous occasions EMC’s commitment to investing in their employees and guiding them on their path of professional development. It is rare and invaluable to find a company that not only appreciates their employees, but strives for their improvement every day. For this reason alone, EMC has proven itself as a great place to work. As I quickly approach my graduation date and shortly after the end of my internship with EMC, I have begun pursuing a post-graduate career with the company. My manager has worked diligently with me to find the best career path and has introduced me to a plethora of opportunities available to interns for full-time employment. Whether it’s one of the many leadership rotational programs EMC offers or a new role with another department, I enthusiastically look forward to what my future with EMC holds.

Avon 39 – An Amazing Weekend

Kimberly Lindsey

Kimberly Lindsey

Finance at EMC

I love working at EMC for many reasons, one of them being, that I am given the time to volunteer at fantastic events like Avon 39 – the Walk to END breast cancer.


Every year thousands of men and women converge on Boston’s famous harbor and walk through the lovely neighborhoods like Back Bay and Beacon Hill, through Boston Common, and down to Canton. The group then tents overnight at Reebok international headquarters and the next day walks back up to Boston Waterfront. This is a total of 39.3 miles! It is an amazing weekend.  I have met many survivors and heard stories of the struggle, stories of loss, and stories of courage from the people who walk.


I walk because my grandmother died from complications of breast cancer. She was never given a mammogram; she was never informed of self-breast exams. Once detected she had a radical mastectomy and removed all the lymph nodes from her right arm. She underwent chemotherapy at age 65 and it made her very weak.   The cancer spread to the underlying breast bone and into other bones. It was sad to know that if they had caught this earlier, she could have went through so much less than she did.

I walk so NO ONE has to hear those awful words: “You have breast cancer”.

This year my team: the” Solo Stutters” raised $155,437.22.  And the Boston Walk included approximately 1,600 walkers and raised 3.6 Million Dollars!

The net funds from each walk:

  • Houston, TX
  • Washington, DC
  • Boston, MA
  • Chicago, IL
  • San Francisco, CA
  • Santa Barbara, CA
  • New York, NY

Go directly to that area’s local hospitals and research centers.

Crossing finish

This year the walk the beneficiaries of the walk in Boston included:

  • Boston Medical Center
  • Boston University
  • Community Servings
  • Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
  • Massachusetts General Hospital
  • Partners Healthcare System
  • Silent Spring Institute
  • Smilow Cancer Hospital at Yale-New Haven
  • Tufts Medical Center
  • YWCA of Malden
  • YWCA of Southeastern Massachusetts


Next year’s Avon 39 will be July 9 – 10, 2016. I have already signed up and hope some of you will join me or make a team of your own. Together we can END breast cancer once and for all!

(Go to for more information.)


Cradles to Crayons: EMC Transforms the Lives of 157 Children in the Boston Area

Kiara Ortiz

Kiara Ortiz

HR Global Talent Acquisition Intern at EMC


Being a first year intern at EMC, I was overwhelmed with joy to be a part of such a successful, growing, company that values community involvement as much as I do. Volunteering is an important aspect of my life and I have worked with many organizations to help give back to my community.

I grew up in Seattle Washington with my mother and sister, where we collaborated with many local and international organizations to volunteer around the world. Now that I attend Spelman College, I have dedicated my time to volunteer through mentoring programs, soup kitchens and educational facilities to serve beyond the required hours we need to graduate. As I approach my senior year and transition into the workforce, I find it necessary to immerse myself in a work environment that values community involvement.


During my first week of interning, I was invited to volunteer with an organization named Cradles to Crayons. This group provides children from birth through age 12, living in homeless or low-income situations, with the essentials they need to live their everyday lives. The items are supplied free of charge by engaging and connecting with communities to donate the necessary resources. More than 305,000 Massachusetts children, 12 years old and younger, live in low-income or poverty-stricken households. More than 100,000 Massachusetts children are more than likely to experience homelessness.

Cradles 2 Crayons 1

On Wednesday June 3, 2015, our volunteer group had an opportunity to split up into three different work groups at Cradles to Crayons. My role was to combine clothing and to create outfits, according to the specific packages we were given. For example, I created four different outfits for over 20 children between the ages of three and four years old. With a combined effort from all of my colleagues, we were able to use our hard work to provide 157 local children with packages filled with clothing.

This was such an amazing opportunity and knowing how many people we were able to help was very inspiring. I encourage everyone to take advantage of the various volunteer opportunities that EMC has to offer. The company offers great opportunities to support and help out the people that need us the most.

Giving Back – United Way

Calli Pappas

Calli Pappas

Human Resources at EMC

Giving back has been a priority for EMC and we see the immediate impact it has on our team members, who work in the Global Talent area of Human Resources. It has opened our folks up to new perspectives, and gives a new sense of appreciation and respect. It also shows that while our jobs are important, we can also take the time to step away and truly help those in need. It is often easy to get caught up in your day-to-day job and lose momentum on giving back. Luckily, with the combination of EMC’s “Give Back Days” and my work group’s emphasis on Community Service, we’ve continued our efforts to make volunteering a priority and creating opportunities to join in on team volunteer events.

Global Talent Team - United Way 1

Recently, we partnered with the United Way of Tri-County in Massachusetts. This organization is focused on local solutions for local problems. Over the last four years, the United Way of Tri-County has allocated over $5 million in support of organizations within their 34 communities west of Boston. Locally, the organization has helped over one million people receive food, clothing, housing, domestic violence support, quality in-school and after-school programming, and many more services to survive and thrive. They’ve convened community groups and organizations to share ideas, best practices, and resources to reduce duplication of services and ensure successful programs.

Our EMC team was lucky enough to help out this organization across 4 different locations. We broke into groups of 10-12 people in the following locations: Framingham’s Pearl Street Cupboard & Café, Clinton’s Wheat Community Connections, the Marlborough Community Cupboard, and lastly, the Framingham United Way Distribution Warehouse Store for a range of different assignments. Some helped to sort through gently used furniture and housewares to help prepare the distribution center for a “shopping experience.” Some helped provide families with food from the pantry shelves. Others helped to sort through clothing, books, and cans of food to help prepare for families and individuals in need.

Global Talent Team - United Way 2

Though we all helped in a slightly different way, one thing was common: we were able to help out our local communities and provide them with a warm, welcoming environment for friends, families, and neighbors who may be faced with difficult times. Each team spent a few hours together helping out the community, while getting to know one another and making new connections..


If you’re interested in knowing more about the United Way of Tri-County, be sure to check out their site! Meanwhile, the Global Talent team has continued to be active in local community service events thanks to EMC’s three “Give Back Days”!