Social Impact: The whole is greater than the sum of its parts

Julie Vaysbord

Julie Vaysbord

EMC Marketing

I started at EMC nearly three years ago in its Marketing Development Program (MDP) – a two year rotational program aimed at providing new hires with a broad understanding of the EMC marketing organization. As a member of MDP, I was afforded the opportunity to take part in several initiatives dedicated to rallying the entire Marketing organization to engage in various fundraising activities for causes of great importance – cancer research, children in need and protecting against malaria.

EMC Fights Cancer (2011)EMCCancerBracelet

The goal of the EMC Fights Cancer initiative was to help EMCers get educated, get active, and get involved in the fight against cancer. We successfully activated 1,500 employees in 18 different countries and raised nearly $100,000 around the globe for organizations focused on cancer research.

EMC Helps Children In Need (2012)EMC at Cradles to Crayons

Working with Cradles to Crayons and the Boys & Girls Clubs of Silicon Valley, employees donated nearly $10,000 and hundreds of items to local underprivileged children. We also volunteered at each organization’s onsite facility to see the impact of our donation efforts firsthand.

EMC Swats Malaria (2013)

AMF RodneyLast year, 600 employees came together to purchase 11,000 life-saving nets for the Against Malaria Foundation. Through our fundraising efforts, we were able to prevent approximately 22,000 people from contracting malaria, a deadly disease that claims the lives of over 1 million people, mainly children, every year.

I was surprised to see the amount of excitement and effort my colleagues put into creating events to raise awareness and money for these charitable causes. Everyone is so busy all of the time, it was nice to see people take the time to get up from their desks and engage in fundraising activities that had purpose, and were really fun as well.

But it’s not just EMC Marketing that’s dedicated to giving back. Groups all across the company are making meaningful impact. And while the work that we’re all doing is worthy, imagine how impactful it would be when nearly 50,000 global employees are inspired to rally behind a single social cause? That’s why for the first time, EMC is extending its “Gives Back” initiatives to the entire company, properly titled, “EMC Gives Back.”

To kick things off, EMC is partnering with charity: water, a non-profit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations, and EMC offices around the world will be hosting awareness and fundraising events during EMC Water Week from May 19 – 23 to build clean water wells in Ethiopia. Why is clean water so important? Because it translates to better health, longer lives, more education, increased productivity, improved local economy and so much more. Most of us likely take water for granted but for people who don’t have easy access to it – water changes everything.

778004=EGB-Doc-Banner_ExternalEMC Gives Back honors our legacy and foundation of corporate citizenship and community service that we’ve engaged in over the last 30 years. Whether through formal fundraising campaigns coming out of divisions or business units or employees volunteering their own time to causes of personal interest, EMC has been making meaningful impact in the communities where we live and work for some time. With EMC Gives Back as a new and unifying force, we will demonstrate that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts when it comes to social impact.

To learn more about EMC Gives Back or to get involved, check out


EMC & Its Friend Called Social Media

Christopher Hines

Christopher Hines

Global Solutions Marketing

Social media.

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear those words?  Probably a 35-year old IT company that makes over $21 billion a year, right? NOT. It’s one of the things that makes EMC so interesting. The ability to adapt & change to keep up with the new comers, while taking market share from the goliaths that occupy huge portions of the market. EMC’s “adapt to survive” mentality has always existed, and continues to exist with its mindset towards social media.shutterstock_122784037

First off, I just wanted to say that if you are entertaining the idea of working in social media…DO IT, I promise you that you won’t regret it. Yes, it’s a 7 day job, and yes coming up with awesome content is not always the easiest thing to do, but in a rapidly changing IT world, it’s a position that adds great value to your company. BTW, your friends will often experience fits of insane jealousy, at the fact that you have the most awesome job ever, so be prepared for that.

My name is Christopher Hines, I’m 24 and I am the social media lead for one of the most fascinating and forward thinking messages at EMC (maybe a little biased but still), “Trust.” Each day, my goal is to use social media as a tool to teach the world about the importance of Trust. I gather & write blogs, Tweet, post,  do social listening, create mobile content for our mobile apps, create social media plans to support major Trust programs and tradeshow events, and am constantly looking for the next great social  idea. And I love it.

Here at EMC, social media isn’t seen as an add-on accessory or a “nice to have” (which is quite common in most companies). Social is seen as the future of messaging. It gives us the opportunity to scale the message, not only to the 5-10 folks we present to during each customer briefing, but to the thousands and potentially millions of customers and prospects we can reach via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIN, Google+ and corporate blogs. As impressive as the “push” (putting content into the social sphere) of our messaging is, the information we “pull” (information we receive from followers, customers etc.) from social listening is even more fascinating and value-add.

In an industry moving to the 3rd platform of IT, being a “social” company means being a successful company. I am proud to work for a company that not only gets that, but truly believes it. Now, off to more social for Trust. See you in the social sphere!

Starting My Career At A Great Place To Work

Gregory McCarthy

Gregory McCarthy

Associate Social Media Engagement Manager

My name is Greg McCarthy, I’m a recent college graduate from UMass Dartmouth, and current Associate Social Media Engagement Manger on the EMC corporate social team. My journey at EMC has not only been a staple in my young career, but a life changing experience in itself.

From the day I started as an intern in the summer of 2013, it was apparent that EMC had solidified itself as a great place to work, especially for a young professional like myself. You will seldom walk these halls, and pass someone without getting both a hello, and a smile – even if you do not know the person you’re walking by.

As a recent graduate, EMC has opened so many doors for me as I progress into my career. I 100% consider my position on the corporate social team to be a dream job — don’t believe me, I even blogged about it here. My position on our team focuses primarily on EMC’s social strategy at all large events & trade-shows. This allows me to work with various teams to ensure our corporate level best practices are being carried out and executed.

I’m very blessed and fortunate to wake up everyday, and drive to a work place that I love working at. I work on a very goal oriented team, who put a strong emphasis on results. We were able to achieve some big things in 2013, and I look forward to continuing our success throughout 2014 and beyond!

8th Graders… Design Thinking at its Finest

Morgan Donovan

Morgan Donovan

IT Leadership Program

IMG_1032For ten weeks last fall, I was fortunate enough to spend 90 minutes, once a week, teaching eighteen 8th graders, with a program called Citizen Schools. Citizen Schools is a non-profit organization that partners with middle schools located in low-income communities that provide educational programs after school. Two other co-workers and I volunteered at the Orchard Gardens K-8 Pilot School, in Boston, MA, to teach the Design Thinking Methodology, a STEM related course.


The Design Thinking Methodology is:

  1. Identify the challenge
  2. Brainstorm ideas
  3. Design the solution
  4. Create/Build, Test, Evaluate, Redesign the solution
  5. Share the solution and reflect on the positives and negatives

All in all, it is a glorified way of problem solving. Every week, these kids, mostly girls, were given a challenge and had a limited amount of materials and time to come up with a solution. For example one lesson involved getting a piece of paper over a wall into a trash bin, without touching it. After analyzing the materials, they brainstormed ways of building a rocket with the materials we gave them.

The experience of teaching these intelligent young adults was very rewarding in many different ways. I grew a new respect for teachers, and my co-workers and I learned the art of patience. I thought I was a very patient person before I started at Citizen Schools, but I learned very quickly I was wrong. Because the class was mostly girls, all they wanted to do was gossip. It was difficult to have them focus on the task at hand, but with time and a little discipline, they figured out we meant business and started to behave. To see these kids every week was an unbelievable experience and I would do it again. Even though I was the “teacher”, the class actually taught me so many different lessons. Can you image spending 90 minutes once a week with fifteen girls and not learn something?

In the end, I would recommend taking the time to help out Citizen Schools, which is a fantastic organization. Even though, at times, I did not think I would make it the full 10 weeks, I now see how much I have grown as a person and young professional within the company.

For more information about Citizen Schools, please go to

If you would like to talk in more depth about my experience with Citizen Schools, please do not hesitate to email me at

Multiplying Impact: Sustainability

Alyssa Caddle

Alyssa Caddle

Office of Sustainability

After a year spent in the Office of Sustainability (and almost seven Pledge-syears at EMC) it has never been clearer to me that EMCers want to make a lasting impact. Just scrolling through previous entries in the MyVoice blog gives a clear indication that our employees are passionate about how they can contribute to causes of personal importance. Through community involvement, outreach, and fundraising, employees are using their precious leisure time to really make a difference.

What particularly excites me about my role in the Office of Sustainability is that I get to help channel that energy and desire towards making EMC a better business. Together we can translate how EMC employees’ work can contribute to a healthier planet, happier people, and a successful long-term economic strategy. By considering how we can make our products and processes more sustainable, it gives each of us the opportunity to multiply our impact.  As an example, we are now working with Product Management to incorporate sustainability requirements into our product design plans. I hope these team members are Entry 251 copyproud that future products deployed in data centers all over the world will be increasing efficiency and contributing to reducing energy consumption.

I also want to spread the word that you can multiply your impact even if your job function does not directly touch products or manufacturing.  We are now working with Finance on carbon pricing plans; Marketing and Investor Relations to share our story with customers and shareholders; Legal to protect the human rights of our suppliers and users, and HR and Diversity & Inclusion to make EMC an even more vibrant place for employees across the globe.  All this is in addition to our ongoing partnerships with Facilities, Environmental Health & Safety, and Global Product Operations

I challenge each of you to think about how sustainability can help you to multiply your impact through your work. You can see what we’ve done here at EMC, and where we’re headed in our upcoming Sustainability Report [C1] which will be published in May.Group_0534.edited.2

Inspiring Change: It’s A Mindset

Kristen Garvey

Kristen Garvey

Internal Communications

If you happened to visit late last week or over the weekend you may have noticed a different hue. In celebration of International Women’s Day and their theme of ‘inspiring change’, turned purple and featured videos of women throughout the company who have both been inspired, and continue to inspire others each and every day.Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 8.54.52 AMWhile watching these videos and reading the blogs, I couldn’t help but feel inspired and motivated not only by their stories, but also by the stories of the women that came before them.  Inspiring change is their mindset, fueled by perseverance and a desire to give the next generation of women more opportunity. And while we’ve come a long way, they remind us all there is still work to be done.

Many times the best opportunities to inspire change come in the “small moments” life presents us each day. The real challenge is slowing down long enough to recognize and seize these opportunities to make an impact.

SoMaeve Inspiring Change instead of rushing off to work early last Friday, I made purple pancakes and chatted with my eight-year daughter about what EMC was doing to celebrate International Women’s Day, and why it was important. When she came downstairs ready for school, wearing lots of purple, I smiled. Whether it’s purple pancakes and conversation of breaking the glass ceiling, inspiring change comes in all shapes and sizes and from men and women alike.

In fact, this whole idea of celebrating International Women’s Day at EMC came from a man (you go @mattbuckley!). It would have been easy to let this “small moment” come and go. It would have been easy to let doubt slip in, “Really, you’re going to get a Fortune 500 company to change its web site purple and take over it’s main banner image with inspiring videos?” But instead that mindset kicked in, the team was assembled, the stories were uncovered and the opportunity was seized. Truly an example of what makes EMC a great place to work.

How will you seize your small moments to inspire change?

Doing the right thing is part of being a Great Place to Work

Joe Howell

Joe Howell

Global Employer Brand & Engagement

You may be aware that last week the State of Arizona almost enacted a law that would have legalized discrimination against LGBT people by business owners in the state.  It would have been a horrible setback for LGBT equality in our country.  Fortunately, given pressure from companies doing business in the state and from many, many others, the Governor of Arizona vetoed the legislation. 

As an LGBT employee of EMC, I was aware of a request made for EMC to take a stand on this issue in support of LGBT equality in Arizona.  As we have done in many other cases, EMC moved quickly to do the right thing.  Within 24 hours,  ML Krakauer, Paul Dacier, and Chris Goode drafted a letter opposing the legislation and encouraging the Governor to veto.  Fortunately, the Governor exercised her right to veto quickly, just before EMC released the letter. 

But I know, and I wanted every EMC employee to know, that EMC did the right thing.  I wanted to share the communication below from Paul Dacier, EVP, General Counsel of EMC. 

“Creating an inclusive, respectful and open culture at EMC has always been a priority, and we constantly strive to promote equality in our workplace. We are pleased with Governor Brewer’s decision to veto Arizona’s Senate Bill 1062. EMC is committed to ensuring equality for all of our employees. It is simply the right thing to do.” 

Just one more reason that I am proud to work at EMC.


Community Commitment: Global Renewal Sales

Caroline Conway

Caroline Conway

Renewals Marketing Associate

Franklin Bake Sale Picture 1As we look forward to all that 2014 will bring, it is also important to reflect back on how we have served our communities in 2013. Working at EMC is about more than just succeeding in our jobs. It is equally important to invest the time and money to ensure that the communities we work in are also cared for. The Global Renewal Sales team is one group that has integrated this community focus into our work routine. The Global Renewals team (with regional hubs in the U.S., Singapore & Ireland) is extremely proud to have represented EMC in meaningful service projects throughout 2013. We wanted to take a few moments to share our community highlights from last year.

Fighting Hunger in Franklin, MA

Franklin Bake Sale Picture 2As Autumn and Thanksgiving approached in the United States, the Renewal & Inside Education Sales team in Franklin wanted to help local families in need. The team learned that over 1,500 individuals and 600 families visit the Franklin Food Pantry every year. Of these visitors, 38% are children under the age of 18. The team decided to support the mission and work of the Food Pantry by collecting donations, hosting a bake sale and raising funds. Christina Crowley, Global Renewal Sales Vice President, was excited to share her baking expertise for this effort. The project was a great success, contributing hugely to the Food Pantry in terms of funds and awareness raised, as well as helping to build the camaraderie among the Franklin EMC teams!

Typhoon Haiyan Picture 3Helping Typhoon Victims Rebuild in the Philippines

Typhoon Haiyan struck Southeast Asia in November 2013. The devastation was massive—more than 6,000 people died in the Philippines alone. In support of the affected families, the APJ Renewals team came together to facilitate a collection bank, where a number of employees donated necessities including clothing, blankets and food supplies to typhoon victims. The APJ Renewals team continues to work to help provide shelter and rebuild livelihoods in the Philippines. The typhoon effort is both a sad reminder as to how lives can be changed overnight, as well as proof of the strength we have when we work together to help one another. For more information on the current status, please click here.

EMEA Picture 4A Rally for Sustainability
The EMEA Renewals team rallied together for their bi-annual Sustainability Week in Q2’13. This included activities such as “Casual Tuesday”, where team members could dress down in exchange for their charity donation as well as bag packing in the local shopping center to help raise funds for charity. In addition, the team held a bake sale to raise funds and a charity “Wax-Off”, where some of Renewals finest and bravest men offered up their legs for waxing all in the name of charity! The chosen charities were Cork ARC Cancer Support House and the Simon Community, a voluntary organization that helps the homeless in Ireland. In Q4, the team held their second Sustainability Week, which focused on Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The team hosted a variety of activities—Table Quiz with a Halloween theme, turned the Ireland Center of Excellence online homepage pink for a day, hosted a Women’s Health awareness session and a Pink Friday where employees were asked toEMEA Picture 5 show their support by wearing pink for the day! It was really amazing to see so many team members come together to raise awareness and funds for such an important cause.

All in all, the Global Renewals Sales team was very proud to serve community efforts around the world in 2013. We set the bar high, and look forward to creating even more positive change in 2014!

An Undoubted Link: Diversity & A Great Place to Work

Nishita Roy

Nishita Roy

Global Services Marketing

 What happens when more than 300 EMC employees and families gather to celebrate South Asian culture? The positive energy that exuded from the 7th Annual ISEC (Indian Subcontinent Employee Circle) Gala in Westborough, MA clearly illustrated the powerful link between recognizing diversity and what makes EMC a great place to work.

Delicious Delicacies & Fabulous Fashion
 It was a night of laughter and music at this year’s Gala. Both men and women looked stunning in traditional attire – you could not help but be drawn in by the dynamic colors and intricate embroidery of the lenghas, kurtas and saris floating throughout the ballroom. The


 night began with savory appetizers and the lively chatter of old friends reconnecting and new friendships just beginning. As the lights dimmed low, all eyes centered on the main stage as ISEC Presidents, Venkat Tiruveedi & Preeti Krishnan, and Gala hosts, Aditya Nadkarni, Sonnia Dogra and Sowmya Narayanan, invited us to join them on an exciting journey through the Indian Subcontinent. The hosts integrated EMC humor with South Asian culture—a difficult challenge, but one they achieved with grace.

 Fast Feet & A Bollywood Love Story
The evening included a wonderful blend of traditional singing and dancing, including complex Bharatanatyam and Kathak dance numbers.  An elaborate “Bollywood Musical” ended the night, which had the audience waiting in suspense to see if the story would end in heart-break or enduring love. Of course, in true Bollywood style, there were plenty of synchronized hip-shaking dance interludes throughout this drama-filled story. In case you were wondering—the story did have a happy ending with true love!

Support for Charity

ISEC actively engages with several community initiatives. On this special night, all attention was focused on the Himalayan Education Foundation. This charity was created by a fellow EMC employee, Jayant Hardikar, to help empower rural communities in South Asia. Attendees learned about the great work of this organization and donated funds to support its mission. In addition to his passion to serve impoverished communities, Jayant also dazzled the audience with an original song accompanied by a guitar instrumental.


Commitment to Diversity

It was great to have Michelle Taylor-Jones from the Office of Diversity and Inclusion as a special guest at this year’s event. Michelle commented on the importance of taking time to celebrate diversity and how proud she is of ISEC’s continued effort to strengthen EMC’s culture.

This year’s Gala represented so much more than a few catchy dance numbers and songs. It emphasized the importance of taking time to appreciate the special talents and heritage of EMC’s South Asian employees. It is the diversity that each of us weave into the fabric of EMC that makes our company a great place to work.

Click here to view real stories about how other employees celebrate diversity at EMC.

EMC employees, Preeti Krishnan and Munish Desai, also contributed to this blog post.



EMC: Expanding Horizons for Homeless Children in Boston

Jonathan Hovey

Jonathan Hovey

Global Talent Acquisition

IMG_1858If you were anywhere near the 176 quad on October 8th between 11AM and 1PM, then you inevitably heard the giggles and roars of laughter reverberating from 40 preschoolers and 30 EMC volunteers as they played games and ran around on emerald grass under a brilliant blue sky.  But, you ask, where did the kids come from and what was the occasion?

Talent Acquisition created a “carnival day” for kids who belong to Horizons for Homeless Children in Boston.  This organization is dedicated to improving the lives of young homeless children and their families by ensuring that they are prepared for school success. They provide high quality early education, opportunities for play, and comprehensive family support services. And the need is great; more than 1.6 million children in the U.S. are homeless each year.

Here is an overview of how the time was spent.  As the kids stepped off the bus, Walley from the Red Sox made a special appearance and greeted the kids with a high five.  The eager volunteers helped group the kids into 5 teams and led them out to the quad where they started a rotation of activities from face-painting and bean bag toss, to painting pumpkins and getting their picture taken with Walley.  There was even a petting farm where kids could pet or hold baby bunnies among other animals.

IMG_1852After a hot lunch of mac’n cheese and chicken fingers, the kids and volunteers continued the fun by kicking balls around, playing tag, blowing bubbles, or trying to hula hoop.  When it was time to get back on the bus to go back to Boston, each kid took home a backpack stuffed with puzzles, coloring books, and a wide assortment of other goodies thanks to the generous support of our health and wellness benefits vendors.

As one of the volunteers that day, I can say first-hand that it was one of the best experiences of my life.  It was impossible to tell between the volunteers and kids who was smiling and laughing more.  I am proud that Talent Acquisition is planning to develop a long term relationship with Horizons for Homeless Children, and I cannot wait until the next event.