BEAG Technology Day: The Power of Data Analytics

Akia Ramsay

Akia Ramsay

Black Employee Affinity Group and Total Customer Experience (TCE)


The Black Employee Affinity Group’s (BEAG) Technology Day aligns to EMC’s strategic goal of providing STEM education to under-represented groups. This year EMC BEAG hosted around 70 middle school students from the Sullivan Middle School and received volunteer help from over 26 EMC employees. With the help from EMC’s Corporate Community Involvement department, we were able to successfully deliver a fun packed agenda that explored the fascinating world of Big Data and the Power of Data Analytics.

While Big Data is at the forefront of IT transformation, it is often considered a buzzword that may be considered intangible when trying to explain its relevance to a group of middle school students. However, EMC executive speakers Carolyn Muise, Tom Clancy and Beth Cliff used examples of how we leverage the volume, variety, velocity and the value of Big Data every day to make decisions, such as:

  •  The way sports agents leverage statistics on athletes (i.e. number of touchdowns, running yards, speed, etc.) during the NFL draft
  • The use of academic data (SAT, GPA, etc.) by colleges for recruiting
  • The volume of demographic data captured in social media sites like Instagram and Facebook

All of the above examples made the concept of Big Data and the power of data analytics tangible to the middle school students.


A panel discussion led by Glen Arnold showcased EMC Subject Matter Experts with STEM careers and academic backgrounds. The students were able to ask the panelists all sorts of questions about their academics, their careers at EMC and how they overcame challenges.


Being a Data Scientist myself, my favorite part of the day was a hands-on Big Data workshop that used Legos to familiarize the students with cluster analysis, a statistical technique used to categorize data. There were other interactive activities throughout the day such as a tour through EMC’s Franklin Manufacturing site; a telepresence session with Bill Schmarzo (EMC’s Dean of Big Data); and a dialogue with BEAG’s West Coast Chapter members John Coleman and Ron Dixon.

A similar Technology Day event was held in North Carolina with around 40 students from the Pre-Eminent Charter School. The students received an overview of EMC, a plant tour, and the opportunity to participate in a Big Data workshop.

Both BEAG events received positive feedback from the teachers, volunteers, executive speakers – and most importantly the students.


The many milestones of our EMC Pride

John Hose

John Hose

EMC LGBT Advocates


This post was co-authored by Michael Dulaney.

June is LGBT Pride Month and, as in past years, EMC and ELGBTA celebrated all the progress our community has made.  EMC was a supporter of both the Boston and Seattle Pride Parades and ELGBTA organized marching contingents for each celebration to show EMC’s commitment to diversity and support for LGBT rights.  Both of the parades were attended by over 60 EMC employees as well as their family and friends.  Chief Diversity Officer Jackie Glenn marched in both parades and EVP of HR ML Krakauer led the Boston marchers.  You can see photos of the EMC marchers in Seattle here.


2014 was a particularly momentous Pride celebration for Boston as this year marks the 10th anniversary of the legalization of marriage equality in Massachusetts.  It is also the first anniversary of the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) – which prohibited the federal government from recognizing same-sex marriages, even in states where they were legal.  EMC joined 300 organizations in filing an amicus brief with the US Supreme Court in February 2013 expressing support for federal recognition of same-sex marriage and demonstrating ways that DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) creates inequities for American employers.  EMC’s endorsement is a reaffirmation of the company’s commitment to workplace inclusiveness and the promotion of a respectful and open work environment.

Pride1 Another 2014 milestone is that it marked the third year EMC earned a perfect 100 score on the HRC Corporate Equality Index (CEI).  The CEI rates all companies across their level of support for their LGBT employees, providing benefits to same-sex spouses as well as providing LGBT focused health care options, such as transgender medical care.  EMC’s continued commitment to having a diverse workforce and an inclusive workplace fosters greater employee productivity and creativity while offering our company a competitive advantage.

Besides the two parades, ELGBTA hosted a number of other events this year to mark Pride month.  PFLAG Executive Director Jody Huckaby came to EMC headquarters in Hopkinton to speak about the importance of a supportive workplace for LGBT employees.  EMC General Counsel Paul Dacier introduced the event and spoke of EMC’s longstanding commitment to promoting equality for LGBT employees.  ELGBTA also hosted Janson Wu, Senior Staff Attorney of GLAD, to speak about the dramatic legal changes that have taken place since 2013’s landmark Supreme Court cases on DOMA and Proposition 8 in California.  Both of those cases helped to expand marriage equality in the United States, leading to 10 additional states with full marriage equality and a continuing advancement for marriage equality in other states.


We can all take pride in these advances and in the support that EMC has provided for its LGBT employees.  The company encourages us to be true to ourselves – and through our example we can help others do the same.

The Finance Training Program Network Creates Multiple Opportunities

Matthew Pelletier

Matthew Pelletier

Finance Training Program


I am a first-year member of the Finance Training Program working with the Corporate Financial Planning & Analysis team. The program has been a perfect opportunity for me to transition out of my undergraduate years and into the “real” world. Not only was I lucky enough to come to work at a great organization, but I was able to start in the program with 20 other people fresh out of college. It was an instant, close-knit network from the first day we walked through those beautiful lobby doors of 176 South St.

The FTP network has been a key reason why I have had such a great experience thus far at EMC.  Anytime I run into a question without a clear solution, I instantly reach out to fellow FTP’ers, knowing someone will be more than willing to help. There have been multiple times I have used the information provided to me from another member of FTP to add value to a process in my own group.

This process is what caused a new initiative called the Finance Think Tank, started by Tim DeSimone of FTP’12. Many people in the Finance Organization work on similar reporting and analysis. However, there was no easy solution for knowledge sharing or collaboration. The Finance Think Tank allows multiple members of the organization to share best practices on a certain topic or work stream. We have connected members of the organization from the West and East coast in an effort to grow collaboration within finance. The Finance Think Tank has created multiple ongoing discussions and dialogues. These have helped many groups become more efficient and add value to their reporting.

This great program was created by a member of FTP and exemplifies the fantastic network of the program. The timeline from Tim’s idea to the implementation of the Think Tank was expedited by the effort of current and former FTP members. It was impressive to see everyone work together towards a united goal and how that work translated into a great final product. It is initiatives like this that make me glad to be a member of the Finance Training Program and Finance organization as a whole.

FTP Class of 13 World Map

Getting Happy at EMC Ireland

Aisling OMahony

Aisling OMahony

3 C'S Staff


On June 28, 2012, the United Nations General Assembly designated March 20th as the “International Day of Happiness.” To celebrate #HappyDay, American singer-songwriter Pharrell Williams, whose song Happy has become a global phenomenon, asked people around the world to post videos demonstrating their happiness to the lyrics and music of his track.

After seeing a few different videos from “Happy in Baltimore West Cork” to “Happy in Sydney Australia,” I decided to answer the call. What better place to demonstrate happiness than with the amazing people I work with every day?

I wanted to capture everyone, from the people at the front desk to the directors and our General Manager Bob Savage, to generate a bit of fun and laughter across the sites and show why EMC’s Ireland Center of Excellence is such a great place to work.

Before I even thought of asking for approval I knew I had to reach out to the technical wizard that is Ger Timmons. Once he said we could do it, I knew we were on our way. The only issue we had was how to get people to do it. With that challenge, I reached out to my coworker Tricia Smyth to bring energy to the video. I knew she was the right person to get people involved and dancing. We needed someone else to help with production so our training specialist Eugene McVeigh helped us out. With that, our Happy Team was complete. Ger and Eugene were the calm and patient element and Tricia and I were the energetic element.

We got the final approval late on a Wednesday and kicked off the shoot the following morning. Within record time and with zero budget we managed to get over a hundred people to participate across three sites. Tricia and I played the song and danced behind the camera, and we even managed to get Bob Savage dancing.

Being part of this was so much fun and the final video was a huge success – 10,500 hits on YouTube so far. Thanks to everyone who participated and made this such a fun experience – this is what makes EMC such a great place to work.

Have a happy day!

2013 EMC Community Service Award – We Thank You EMC!

Brad Wrigley

Brad Wrigley

Mergers and Acquisitions HR


Back in June 12th 2009, our life took an unexpected turn.

Following a tough pregnancy, numerous trips and stays in the hospital (one lasting eight weeks), it was time for our baby to join the world. We had been through eight months of worry, emergency room scares and sleepless nights. Looking back, our mind-set was unlike many in the sense that, we envisaged (naively) the delivery piece of the journey to be the easy part.

This was our first child, so our understanding of labour was from prenatal classes and a couple of books we had picked up. Following two hours of doctors, nurses, midwifes, consultant surgeons, and anaesthetists running in and out of the delivery suite we knew something wasn’t right.

My wife Laura was rushed to theatre whilst I was asked to wait in the corridor. A million different things rush through your mind but ultimately you convince yourself everything will turn out fine. However, when the ‘crash-cart’ flies past, you know the odds are it won’t.

After maybe 40 or 50 minutes I received the crushing news that our little girl Ava had suffered some complications during the final moments of labour and had left us just 27 minutes after birth. So came the initial shock and all the predictable and clichéd questions enter your mind… How? Why? What could we have done differently?

Many months later, when these questions were still unanswered, and frustration was at a peak, I decided that I needed to do something to

1. Keep my mind off the situation and

2. Support others in the same position in the future.

The Baby Ava Foundation was formed and planning began on how we would raise funds.

The initial intention was to undertake a couple of runs and events over 12 months and try to raise between €2000 and €3000. However, the response to the Foundation was incredible. We were taken aback at the number of people around us who had been affected themselves or knew people who had been affected by neonatal tragedy. This made the decision to keep the Foundation going long-term an easy one.


Now, five years after losing Ava, her Foundation has raised close to €30,000 ($41,000) and a huge part of this has come from the incredible generosity of the EMC Community Service Award. Ava’s Foundation supports some of the leading research programs in the world and some of the sickest babies in Ireland.


Through the inspiring work of the Irish Centre for Fetal and Neonatal Translational Research (INFANT), the Neonatal Brain Research Group (NBRG) and the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) in Cork, Ireland we continue to keep the memory of Ava alive and hope to create a legacy which helps many more in the future.


Thank you EMC.

Brad Wrigley & The Baby Ava Foundation

EMC, Colleagues & Culture Making a Difference!

David Ford

David Ford

EMC Disability Employee Resource Group (DERG)


Every year in May, over 2000 people plus 200 volunteers participate in the Horace Mann Educational Associates (HMEA) Independence 5K Walk, Run, Roll and Stroll.  In 2013, both events, which are held on the same day, raised $208,000 through sponsorships, raffle ticket sales, individual and team online fundraising pages, and general donations. Expenses are held to less than 10% of the gross revenue due to the overwhelming generosity of the community supporters.

HMEA affirms and promotes the values, dreams and potential of people with developmental disabilities through education, support and life experiences. The group’s vision aligns with EMC Disability Employee Resource Group (DERG) efforts to bring about disability awareness while providing an opportunity for all of us to give back!

The all-day event held in Franklin, MA, was hosted by EMC and included a competitive and fun 5K race, plus a 5K walk, roll and stroll through the park and a Kids Fun Run. The event provided something for everyone – free entertainment, free food, a Kids Corner with free games, “Bubble Man,” a dress-up photo booth, face painting, music, a yoga demo, massages, health expo,  a Touch-a-Truck area, and a raffle with fantastic prizes as a special tribute to our veterans. Special displays were provided by the Franklin Police, Fire Department and the US Army National Guard. In addition, many mascots made an appearance, including Wally the Green Monster, Scooby Doo, Finz from the Worcester Sharks and many more.


Serving on HMEA board I am extremely grateful to EMC in Franklin, my colleagues, DERG and the Latin Leadership Interest Team (ELLIT) for raising over $200,000.00 in donations again this year! Vito Gerante, a colleague and fellow board member of the DERG wowed the attendees providing four classic hot rods from his North County Street Rods organization located in Westminster, MA, enhancing the festive experience!


Likewise, ELLIT partnering with DERG highlighted EMC collaboration culture and the spirit of teamwork the hallmark of EMC’s Employee Circles. Ligia Morales, ELLIT’s president, provided a terrific interview with a local radio station WMRC broadcasting live during the event. She provided listeners insight into EMC’s commitments to community involvement as well as the importance of giving back to HMEA.


Kris Biagiotti, DERG president, was also interviewed and touched upon supporting those with disabilities and how DERG is committed to this annual event. A beautiful sunny day turned out large numbers of EMC colleagues and their families who participated in the run/walk or volunteered to make this event a huge success as well as a great time! As a co-founder of DERG, the heartfelt support from so many colleagues exemplifies why EMC is a great place to work. Thank you!


BIG DATA MAKES BIG DIFFERENCE at Forest Grove Middle School

Moriah Miley

Moriah Miley



Through my eyes, there is nothing more rewarding than making a positive difference in someone’s life. When I first received the email from EMC’s Community Involvement Team regarding volunteer opportunities, I was immediately interested in participating. I must have been feeling adventurous that day because I chose to volunteer at a middle school during Innovation Month, teaching the meaning and importance of BIG DATA to a classroom of students.

Prior to our classroom visit, the volunteers met for meetings to discuss ideas of lesson plans. Just like I expected, everyone had creative, thoughtful ideas. However, we were concerned with the amount of information to be taught, especially with the challenge of fitting it all into one class period. The amazing Community Involvement staff took everyone’s ideas and put together a very fun, organized, interactive lesson plan.

Upon arrival at Forest Grove Middle School, I was afraid I would not be able to connect with those I would be leading in a classroom lesson. In a short time, I knew this day was going to be one that I would never forget, beginning with the welcoming staff at Forest Grove and ending with the positive feedback of the students.

Not only did I obtain a new group of friends from EMC, the children who sat before me that day made a difference in my life. These children were so appreciative and intrigued by what we had to share; I was more than reassured that they took something positive from this experience. At the end of the day I walked out of Forest Grove Middle School more fulfilled than when I went in.

Without this opportunity through EMC, I would never have known how inspiring spending time with junior high students would be. In the future, I will continue to volunteer not only to help others but also to realize the difference it makes in my life.

Thanks to the Community Involvement team for making this opportunity possible for EMC employees.

Local Efforts to Support A Global Cause

Nishita Roy

Nishita Roy

EMC Global Marketing Team


This post was written by Nishita Roy and Colleen Hayes from the EMC Global Marketing Team.

May 19-23 represented an important week for EMC—over 45 countries hosted local “Water Week” events to raise awareness and funds for charity: water, an incredible non-profit organization that provides clean water to communities in need. In just a few short weeks, the great collaboration between EMC customers, partners and employees has had a tremendous impact—over $140,000 donated to charity: water and thousands of people who are now aware and engaged with the cause. For every $10,000, charity: water is able to build a well—EMC’s efforts alone have already helped fund 14 of these life-changing projects! We want to share some highlights from the Hopkinton, MA Water Week events.

water walk boston 3 Water is Life Festival

Over 450 employees gathered at the EMC headquarters in Hopkinton, MA to participate in the Water is Life Festival. Despite rain earlier in the week, the day of our event turned out to be absolutely beautiful with vivid blue skies…this may have been one of the few times EMCers were happy not to be talking about “clouds!” The festival included games, food and rockin’ beats from “KarleBoy” (Twitter: @Karleboy) – our resident EMC DJ, and special remarks by Jeremy Burton on why this cause is so important. With all the fun and celebration, there were definitely two things that stood out most—359 EMC employees completed the waterwalk (a simulation to represent what people go through to access and carry clean water) and the “largest #EMCselfie” ever—an impromptu request from Jeremy Burton! EMC unlocked $5 for every waterwalk and $1 for every tweet using specific hashtags. The Hopkinton efforts alone, both from EMC and individual employees, resulted in over $15,000 raised in just one week and over 300 Tweets!

water walk boston 2 Stay Engaged & Support charity: water

Although Water Week is over, it is not too late to get engaged with this incredible organization. Here are a few ways you can be part of #emcgivesback:

water walk boston 1 Hopkinton Volunteers—Megan O’Brien, Alex Wolf, Rodney Hart, Yahav Itzkovich, Julie Vaysbord, Pui Chi Wong, Claudia Velasco, Karl Connolly, Josh Abrams, Erica Tremblay, Humberto Silva, Jen McNutt, Lindsay Lamonte, Becky Peralta, Anne Brazao, Kaitlin Robidoux, Leah Pemberton, Michael D. Calo, Bekah Wheeler, Andrew Mirageas, Lydia Joy, Preeti Krishnan, Brittany Ghaderi, Amy Callahan, Sarah Phillips, Jennifer Russo, Sean Thulin, Dana Sgrosso, Andrea Lachapelle, Clayton Covel, Samuel Vuona, Jay Bavaro, James Christian, Cathy Oleson, Alex Colby and Mike Marble.

EMC: A Great Place to Work and to Network

Calli Pappas

Calli Pappas

Human Resources


One thing that professors, friends, family, and colleagues have consistently impressed on me throughout my college and post-grad years is to network: build key relationships, establish a strong and trusted network, use the resources that you have sitting directly in front of you, down the street from you – or for some of us, just a phone call away.

All of the above holds true for why EMC has become a great place to work. I’ve always known that networking and building relationships were keys to success, particularly in a large, globally diverse company like EMC. However, looking back on my first rotation as a member of the company’s HR Leadership Development Program, I am just beginning to realize how essential my program colleagues have been in establishing my own success and self-development. I know that if I have a question, I have a group of trusted individuals around the world willing to share input and offer a helping hand.

Participants in the HR Leadership Development Program are quite lucky to have the chance to rotate within various work groups and departments, allowing us to grow and build a wealth of knowledge. Leveraging our unique experiences and sharing strengths and opportunities with each other have proven to be some of my most indispensable resources. The HRLDP Program also has an expansive and successful alumni network. Forming relationships with alumni becomes easier knowing there are shared experiences and challenges that serve as automatic connections linking us all together.

Calli blog post image

The best advice I would offer to anyone who is part of the close knit work groups, Leadership Development Programs, Community Involvement Groups, EMC clubs, or similar forums would be to avoid taking these groups for granted. Make the most of them to form relationships on both a personal and professional level. Use these resources to the best of your ability and you will be surprised to see where your network will take you.


My son’s toddler bed reaction; how it inspired me to help build them.

Paul Mendes

Paul Mendes

IT CTC- Global Client Computing


Earlier this year, I read an email from EMC Community Involvement looking for volunteers to take on various projects. When I saw the words “toddler bed building,” I stopped reading. A flashback occurred.

I remembered when my wife and I first bought and built my son Ethan’s toddler bed. Our emotions ranged from a bit of sadness about how quickly he was growing up, to our anticipation of what his reaction to the new bed would be. We didn’t have to wait long to find out. Ethan jumped onto his new bed and said, “This is my big boy bed!” A few tears of joy and sadness followed…but what a great moment.

 My decision to volunteer for the project was immediate. Just like the Staples button says: “That was easy!”

On the day of the project, a team of EMC volunteers gathered at the New England Carpenters Training Center. We were greeted by a team of volunteers from the Boston Cares Bed Project. They were a great bunch of people who were seasoned at organizing the bed building process. After a brief instruction, we all broke into groups organized by task: sanding, gluing, hammering, drilling and painting (two coats). We formed an assembly line which moved smoothly and efficiently. It was impressive to see how quickly a group of individuals can come together without much carpentry experience and produce a grand total of 25 beds. This output even surprised our Boston Cares volunteers!

Building toddler beds

At the end of our day, one of our Boston Cares volunteers shared a story about a delivery of a bed to a single mom whose little boy did not have a bed of his own.   The little boy’s response was “This is my bed?” He began to jump up and down on it with excitement, followed by tears of joy from his mom. (Sound familiar?)

Building toddler beds 2

It was great to hear that our EMC team’s work would help create 25 more of these experiences. I am already looking forward to building more beds while building strong connections to our community.

Toddler bed 2